"Questions are more important than answers. Answers have no value until you understand the questions that led to them."

Live, interactive conversation about potential, meaning, purpose and the search of real success in your corporation.

PEDROSAXO'S "Thought-Provoking Dialogue" aims to help you define and discover the path to success, and helps you develop a personal context to understand it. All PRECONCEPTIONS are DISCARDED, and with a fresh perspective, you will cultivate the art of asking questions in order to see possibility where NONE SEEMS TO EXIST. 

Audience-interaction and live MUSICAL examples enrich the process while making it personal and direct.  The result is AN AUDIENCE that sees potential within questions, and a team unified in a surprising process for finding answers. Imagination is the world, questions are the tools with which to explore. 

Thought-Provoking Dialogue is a brand name that encompasses a line of products for A VARIETY OF audiences and corporate needs: self-discovery, product development, brand potential and more.


-Why does my company need this? 

Often, it is the answers to a few key questions that will unlock a successful business idea or transform your product and how people perceive it. Pedrosaxo’s captivating Thought-Provoking Dialogue will lead your teammates to find those questions and trigger the unexpected answers that will take you to a new level of business success.

-Which departments will benefit the most from this presentation? 

Thought-Provoking Dialogues are customized to fit your business needs and therefore can address the objectives of any of your departments, or the company as a whole. The keynote presentation can stand alone, or be supplemented with additional workshop sessions.

-Why is Pedrosaxo different?

Rather than providing answers, Pedrosaxo will lead you to discover questions – the key questions that will enable change and help you to attain a new level of success.

-I am interested but I have more questions?

Contact us to set up a free consultation in which we can discuss your needs further and determine whether Pedrosaxo is a good fit for your event.

 In Pedrosaxo’s Thought-Provoking Dialogues, you listen and are inspired, see live examples, and most importantly, express your ideas out loud. Through this process, your key questions emerge.