«Pedrosaxo is the Bobby McFerrin of the saxophone!»
Jeff Coffin

«Very unusual and hauntingly beautiful.»
Bob Mintzer

«It appears that from the purely technical side Pedro has crossed into new territory on the saxophone. The implications are vast and pose a challenge to all saxophonists no matter the idiom.»
Dave Liebman

«I have seen Pedrosaxo perform May 2011 at Mallorca and I knew directly, that I wanted to have him perform in my International Saxophone Week Amsterdam, which took place in March 2012. There he did a REALLY GREAT performance and workshop: you cannot believe his impact on the public, the other teachers and the students. You have to see him 'LIVE'!
Pedrosaxo has developed a very original, special and particular style of musical performance, being trained as a classical saxophonist...»
Arno Bornkamp

«For me Pedrosaxo is one of the new great virtuosos of the 21st Century. What he does on the saxophone maybe be normal in 2040, it certainly is unheard of now. The way he performs maybe normal in 2030, now he is really one of a kind.
So in a way he is a musician of the future. And in another way he is a musician of the past; a genuine storyteller. In his playing and performing I feel very old traditions, going back to the medieval 'troubadours', to the traveling musicians of times long past. This is a man whose new and wonderfully crafted music is based on the very old stories of mankind.
If this man has a concert in a town nearby (and in this case I would call a three hour travel nearby) GO! For an unforgettable experience that goes far beyond the boundaries of a traditional concert.»
Willem van Merwijk

«Ever since I met Pedro and I listened his music, I was deeply impressed by a series of values which indicated me a clear sign of a true musician. His dedication and passion for his instrument is truly remarkable and so is his power to renew the language, the sound, physically and spiritually...
And also his commitment to feel the laws of music, making Pedro an interpreter of very high quality, sincere in his versions and his creative abilities.
I could be talking about Pedro for a long time and his own way to create music but in summary, Pedro is an exceptional performer with a deep vision of the future and a very deep creative personality.
Please take my advise here, if any of you have a spare minute, do not hesitate to follow Pedro’s remarkable adventure.»
Josep Vicent

«I have never seen anything like this... this is different.»
Paquito D'Rivera

«When I first met Pedro, the first thing that struck me was the level of work his former professor Jose Enrique Plaza had done, a great level of preparedness to deal with higher-level studies had been achieved.
During his first two years of study, Pedro did all the standard repertoire of the classical saxophone, showing that he was able to deepen each of his pieces of work to a maximum, strictly respecting texts and assimilating in order to create something worth recording.
This job well done is certainly allowing him to enter a unique solvency in the current music world and even beyond their borders and into the unknown.
He realized that his instrument exploration offered a vast field in which he could evolve, leaving the imagination to grow beyond infinity. He stepped into the theater, inquired into voice work, and mixed with a dash of humility, experimentation and perseverance in his daily work, until Pedro grew into a very unique global artist, as demonstrated every time he steps on stage .
Who knows what more there is to be discovered, invented and displayed by Pedrosaxo.»
~ José Miguel Cantero