The Metaphor of the Saxophone

A Re-Definition of Problems, Solutions, and Yourself

An Interactive Presentation

Redefine the definitions that define you…

Using his instrument as a metaphor for the problems that anyone might face in their personal or professional lives, Pedrosaxo delivers a groundbreaking presentation that demonstrates a creative and alternative approach to problem-solving and perseverance.  Through the telling of his own amazing story, his unusual approach to his instrument, and live-performance musical examples, Pedrosaxo urges each participant to truly find themselves – to bring their own passions and personal characteristics to bear on each problem situation rather than allowing the problem to define them.  This process, he argues, will produce the best results both qualitatively and quantitatively.

This poignant, inspiring, and enlightening presentation lasts an hour but will stay in the minds of its audiences and will influence their thinking well into the future.

Beyond Smalltalk is an accompanying 2.5 hour activity that builds trust and inspires teamwork and cohesion – both horizontally and vertically within a company – through a guided dialogue exercise that goes deeper than our usual day-to-day interactions.  Pedrosaxo customizes a list of questions based upon the goals of the presenter and leads an “interview” with an audience volunteer.  The attendees then divide into pairs and conduct their own interviews, sharing and discussing the experience in the final portion of the activity.

Pedrosaxo has revolutionized the saxophone.  He has synthesized his many interests – imitation, acting, video gaming, and composition – into a breathtaking and truly unique artistic statement.  Quite simply, he has obliterated all previous technical and artistic boundaries, and has achieved it in ways that are fascinatingly beautiful, haunting, appealing, and awe-inspiring.  He appeared as a finalist on Spain’s nationally-televised “Spain’s Got Talent!” and has performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.  Pedrosaxo is on the music faculty at Middle Tennessee State University and his self-titled debut album was co-produced with 3x Grammy-winning saxophonist Jeff Coffin (of Dave Matthews Band and Bela Fleck & the Flecktones) and released on Jeff’s Ear Up Records.  

In addition to presenting traditional clinics and workshops, Pedrosaxo has created an interactive workshop for corporate and educational audiences titled “The Metaphor of the Saxophone – A Re-Definition of Problems, Solutions, and Yourself.”  The presentation uses Pedro’s unique story of creativity, perseverance and artistic self-discovery to help others apply their own authentic selves to the challenges that lay before them.  It centers on his belief that “it is through pursuing the impossible that the extraordinary is achieved.”   

Pedrosaxo is a P. Mauriat and Vandoren Performing Artist, and endorses Hercules Stands, and uses their products exclusively in his quest to achieve the impossible.